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Brian Colombana analyzes the reasons that encourage retirees to settle in some other country

Living in a picturesque country with easy access to the amenities and healthcare that promise an enjoyable and soothing life after retirement are reasons for retirees to settle in other countries that become their home in the last lap of their journey.  Many countries in Europe, Asia, and Latin America are the most loved destinations for settling abroad after retirement.  The trend of settling in some other country post-retirement is quite popular. The digital and print media created primarily to support those who want to move to a new country after retirement, suggests Brian Colombana. To gather information and advice about retiring, investing, and traveling abroad, you can depend on International Living.

People move to a new country after retirement to live better at less cost, and there are quite a few countries with a sizeable population of expatriate retirees. Besides the cost of living, the healthcare facilities and safety and the climate are factors that influence the decision about making a move.

What drives people to other countries after retirement will become clear from this article.


People who spend most of their lives in cold climates would love to move to some other countries where the weather is attractive and encourage many outdoor movements and travel. Sunny countries like Thailand and Bali, well-known tourist destinations, are attractive places to live after retirement. Other warm-weather countries with a tropical climate like Spain, Portugal, and France attract a lot of Britishers who are tired of living in cold and wet climates.

Explore new culture

Besides living in a new country with exotic locales and climate. Another motivation for settling in another country is to experience a new culture. Although few people feel the urge to do something different and broaden their horizons. Brian Colombana feels that it does motivate people to spend their sunset years in a new country.

Adopt a new lifestyle

Life after retirement is as good as starting life once again. And it allows scripting a new lifestyle that ensures maximum enjoyment in the closing stages of life. To lead a laid-back lifestyle and enjoy the boundless natural beauty. While maintaining the desired level of physical activity that rejuvenates the mind. Settling in a new country has a touch of adventure that lifts the spirits. The desire to discover the country and understand its culture adds new meaning to life and makes it interesting.

Better life at lower cost

Since retirees depend mainly on their savings as there is no other income source. They want to maximize the value of money. The countries they choose usually have a lower cost of living than the country they come from. And it suddenly uplifts the quality of life with ample scope of doing more with less money. Besides the affordable amenities, the healthcare costs and its quality are entirely satisfactory, satisfying an important need for aging people.

Most importantly, retirees pay less tax in countries that welcome them. It is an excellent benefit for those living on a fixed income.