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Brian Colombana pinpoints the factors that retirees should consider when settling abroad

One of the aspects to should consider as part of retirement planning is where you would like to settle after retirement. After spending the major part of your life in pursuit of wealth, you would surely like to enjoy a calm and peaceful life after retirement to relax and enjoy life in the way you want to make your sunset years memorable. Besides making the best use of the accumulated wealth to maintain the same quality of life after retirement or perhaps even better, many people are eager to stretch their dollars further by settling abroad, confirms Brian Colombana.

It needs some careful thinking to decide whether it would be good for you to spend your retired life in a foreign country because once you move to a foreign country, changing the decision later could only make things difficult for you.

Considering the factors discussed here should help you to make the correct decision without much difficulty.


Money plays a vital role in deciding whether to settle abroad after retirement because how well you live after retirement depends mainly on your spending capabilities. Knowing about the cost of living in different countries should help identify the countries that help stretch your income and savings further. Moving from a place of the high cost of living. To one that costs less but offers the comfort and enjoyment. That one expects in the fading years of their lives should be a wise move.  According to Brian Colombana, moving to George Town, Malaysia, could triple your money power from Sydney, Australia. Moreover, some countries like Nicaragua offer huge financial incentives to retirees coming from other countries.


 Although money is important to ensure a comfortable life for retirees, it does not solve everything. Many countries attract retirees by boosting government healthcare spending. Healthcare costs for retirees in incredible modern facilities in Mexico, Panama, Malaysia, and Argentina. Are only a fraction of the cost in the US.  Some of the best affordable healthcare is available to retirees in Austria, Spain, France, and Portugal. Besides the cost, healthcare quality is also an important consideration. And you can compare both to choose the country that seems best for you. The quality of healthcare in the targeted country is a critical consideration. As veterans would heavily depend on it to stay healthy and fit.


Maintaining a physically and mentally active lifestyle is a priority. For retirees who want to ensure that they enjoy a better quality of life. That meets the demands of advancing age.  With endless time on their side, retirees are keen to move around attractive landscapes. Like beaches and mountains, fantastic climates, lakes, and other attractions in plenty.  They want to enjoy life to the fullest by traveling across the new country. To discover the land’s beauty that becomes the resting place in their final journey.

Traveling offers many health benefits and promotes well-being. As it rejuvenates the mind and deepens the desire to maximize life’s offerings in the advanced ages.