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Brian Colombana- The 5 Things You Must Do If You Want More Money!

Money is a touchy subject for many people. Whether you have too much or too little of it, the emotional baggage that comes with money is heavy and hard to carry around says Brian Colombana. But what if I told you there’s a way to make all the stress go away? What if you had more than enough money and could spend it all on whatever you wanted? Would that make life easier for you?

Well, if this sounds good to you and your wallet are feeling a bit too light then I has got some great news. There are 5 important things that MUST happen in order for your personal finances to change! These are simple steps that you can take to make yourself rich!

Are you ready? Then let’s get started!

1. Manage Your Cash Flow!

Money seems to go nowhere these days, right? It goes in and it goes out. And before you know it your wallet is empty yet again. But if you want to be successful with your money then this cycle needs to stop immediately. You need to manage where all of your cash goes because once it leaves your hands, there’s no getting it back! That means budgeting every penny until the savings account has a nice big lump sum that will change everything for you!

2. Find Ways to Save Money Daily!

The quickest way to never have enough money is by spending it faster than you make it! But what if there was a way to save some money every day? Even if it’s just a little bit, saving money will help you accumulate more over time. So how do you start saving money daily? Well the best thing would be to find ways where you can cut back on spending your cash says Brian Colombana. For example, skipping out on Starbucks every morning and bringing coffee from home is one of the easiest ways that I’ve found to save hundreds of dollars per year!

3. Stop Living Paycheck To Paycheck!

If this is ringing true for you then let me tell ya something, You need to change this right now!! Every month after I get paid my checking account goes into overdraft because I never have enough money to cover my bills. I actually have a check that’s just been sitting in there for months because I can’t afford to pay it!

It may not sound like much but this is a huge problem and the only way out of this cycle is to stop living paycheck-to-paycheck. Which means accumulating enough savings so that you’re covered every month without the need to touch your 401k or savings account?

4. Increase Your Income!

Whether you’re looking for another job or trying to sell something online, increasing your income will help build up personal finances quickly! This one might be harder than it looks considering everything costs money these days including ‘professional equipment’ for jobs you work on the side, licenses needed, or classes that you need to take explains Brian Colombana. It might seem like the only way out is to work more hours but this takes away time with family and friends, which can be even more valuable than money says. So seeing as this is very important but also hard, let’s talks about some ways for increasing your income quickly without having to completely change your schedule!

5. Save Money Every Single Month!

This one can’t be stressed enough! Even if you’ve managed to do all of the above steps it still won’t matter unless you save money every single month! This includes vacationing at home instead of traveling, cooking dinner every night instead of eating out, buying used college books on Amazon instead of new ones at the university book store, etc.

Saving money will not only help you accumulate more but it’s also the only way to make sure that when something bad happens (and trust me, nothing good ever happens in life!) you’ll be able to deal with it and handle whatever comes your way!


It can be hard to manage your finances at first but once you get the hang of it, managing money doesn’t seem like such a big deal! They say that everything is easier when there’s a guide to follow, which is why I saved this article for last says Brian Colombana. If you’re having trouble with managing your cash flow then this is what you should follow! I hope this helps you get on the right track towards financial freedom and if it does, make sure to share with someone who might need it!